August 22, 2016 stephen rodgers

Building Better Habits Part 2

Back to the grind of the early morning routine. It is one of the toughest parts of the day. Fighting the warm sheets off your body trying to prep for upcoming work or school projects. It can seem daunting to even consider fitting in an early morning ride with how much you have to accomplish, but jump starting your morning can change the whole viewpoint and outcome of your busy day. I discussed how getting ready for the morning before bed can make your it easier to be stress free but now your dreams are over and the “PM” has turned “AM” time to get the morning started. What better way to start the morning than by discussing the first thing you hear, your alarm.

There are now plenty of apps that allow the morning rooster squawk to be a horrific remnant of the past. An app I personally use is called “Sleepcycle”. The app is able to determine how deep of a sleep you get from the corner of your bed. It utilizes the accelerometer in the phone to detect movement on the bed; it then determines if you are in a deeper sleep or a lighter sleep based off of the movements. As it grows closer to the time to wake up, the app syncs its alarm with your lighter sleep phase in order to allow a smooth transition into waking up. This natural rise into an awakened state helps the body feel well rested and less groggy instigating you to put your feet onto the floor. While the alarm is perfect to slowly awaken you, how can you change the time you wake up to the ungodly hours before the sunrise?


The key according “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast” is to start slow. “Go to bed 15 minutes earlier and wake up fifteen minutes earlier for a few days until this new schedule seems doable” So before you jump the gun and start setting the alarm for 4am start piecing the time together in 15 minute parts. This allows your body to begin adjusting to the earlier and earlier waking period. Once you have begun this part of your morning routine you are able to wake up refreshed and renewed, ready to begin your new mornings. Now all that needs to be determined is what can be accomplished in the morning.


As I continued reading “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast” I began to realize that I have more than enough time in the day I simply have to beat the sunrise. It discusses how this time before the world wakes can be the most potent time in order to grow personally, accomplish long time goals, or even just enjoy the peace and quiet. There is something serene about being up before the sunrise. It adds this ownership to the day. As if you are the only person who is awake. There are no nagging duties or possible interruptions which could derail your focus. This is the time I always strive for during the day but can never find. I personally use the early mornings to fit in a short workout, get some reading done, and catch up on my schedule. This frees up my afternoons for unexpected plans or the possibility of indulging in a beer or two without feeling like crap afterwards. So be sure to find what goals you have always wanted to accomplish in order to make the best use of your new found time.

Don’t let the fear of exhaustion keep you from utilizing your mornings. By simply utilizing “Sleepcycle” or an app similar to it you can wake in a much better mood. Once you have an app that works for you then you begin moving your timetable back earlier and earlier in small chunks. After you have given yourself ample amount of morning time begin set goals and enjoy the personal time you have always wanted. Next time on our “Building Better Habits” we will help sort through some of the crazy eating habits and which ones are best for an active lifestyle. Don’t worry you don’t have to start shopping for Wooly Mammoth Meat.

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