May 12, 2016 stephen rodgers

Introducing the Speth Family

We here at Weehoo are constantly looking for adventure! Whether on our bike or in our life we can’t seem to sit still. This is why we love our product! It helps get the whole family out and moving. Seeing new sights when the pavement ends and the trail begins is what we thrive to do everyday. This excitement and adventure is what makes us so happy to introduce to you the Speth Family: Lea, Gregor, Ronja, and Mateo.

This crew is taking family vacation to a whole other level. The family of four is obsessed with biking and willing to do whatever it takes to put the pedal to the road. In 2012 the Speth family began a journey across the USA. Four years later they are going for a whole new adventure back in their home continent, Europe.


The speth family began their European journey early this April and have just informed us of their journey earlier this week and it’s quite a grand adventure. They are traveling from Faro, Portugal to Berlin, Germany, where they are from. They have encountered quite the strike of rainy weather so have been trying to tough it out in order to keep on track. They plan on pushing through to the northern coast of Spain into France and following it back home. Although not the exact route I have added a map from Google to show the distance!

They are going to keep us in the loop as they progress so stay tuned and we will give you latest as we know it! Be sure to send encouragement and shout-outs if any of our European riders see them! Below is Lea and their daughter Ronja:



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