April 29, 2016 stephen rodgers

Save the showers for the flowers.

With spring in bloom it is time to get the bike out of the garage and on to the pavement. While temperatures can be high someday, you have to be ready for the April/ May showers. It is easy to get out when the sun is shining and the clouds drift through the sky but being prepared for the rain can make the commitment to commuting or mountain biking an easy mission to accomplish. The first key to a dry ride is keeping the tires from giving you a shower by picking yourself up a pair of fenders.

bicycle trailer

A simple pair of fenders can make the difference between looking like you went biking and looking like you went swimming. Typically fenders for commuter bikes will be more narrow allowing a more streamlined profile. You can pick up affordable fenders that strap on to the seatpost of your bike or spare some extra dough to pick up fenders that attach to the frame of the bike itself. Personally I prefer the frame attachment because it typically calls for less adjustment after hitting bumps or making quick turns.
Mountain bike fenders tend to be fatter and more sturdy in order to block against the mud coating the trails. The rear fender typically attaches to the seat of the mountain bike due to the movement of the rear tires on a full suspension bike. The front fender fits right underneath the the suspension fork or on the lower tube of the bikes frame to accommodate the shocks.
Once you have the bike set up to prevent a perpetual sprinkler to the face it is time to get some clothes that shed rain like a dog sheds fur.

bicycle trailer

A good rain jacket can be worth its weight in gold. There are many options and some can get expensive. The best jackets will be breathable, allowing sweat to leave, and waterproof, keeping rain or snow out. The best way to tell how breathable a material is to actually, well, breathe on it. If you place your hand on the other side of the material and can feel your breath then the material is more breathable. Typically you have to sacrifice some breathability to be totally waterproof. This same concept applies to waterproof pants as well so be sure to cover yourself from head to toe! Not only can you cover yourself from the rain but Weehoo offers the best protection for the little riders in your life.

We have the All Weather Canopy, or what we in the office all the “All Weather Experience”. The canopy which hangs over the child’s head is water resistant allowing for a simple sun shade or the summer showers to meet their match. When the weather begins to bring the storms you can place the plastic covering over the canopy and provide a 360 degree shield from the conditions. It comes with zippers on the front to allow easy adjustability depending on the intensity of the conditions. Everything is covered now what is there to solve?

Nothing! Haha, I am just kidding but this will get you ready for the varied conditions when you make the commitment to ride no matter the weather. Mother nature doesn’t care about what commitments you have made but that doesn’t have to mean you can’t be prepared to build a better routine. So get out and ride, rain or shine!

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